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Duplex development

Let’s talk about Duplex development. So, what exactly is Duplex ? It’s two properties joint together side by side. Both houses have the street frontage. It could be very good and profitable investment if you know how and where to do it. There is some areas that you will struggle to do Duplex development on your land because of council restrictions. Another aspect of this type of property development is your land suitability. There is a lot of things to consider and the report on the main page will help you with those.

Townhouses behind each other

Townhouse development behind each other is another way that could be great money making adventure. If you have decent land or purchased suitable peace of land in suitable area, you could make a great project. Once the project is finished, there is few options you can explore. Sell one and keep the other/s for rent. Sell the other/s in 15 years where your mortgage is much lower but your properties are worth much more as real estate always goes up. You could move in to one and sell the other/s, and many more combinations.